October 7 th: Norwegian results from CISM Regional in Thun, published: res\2017\17okt02thun.htm

August 19 th:
Norwegian results from mil. Nordic Championshio in Boden Sweden, published:

August 3 rd:
Qual. for CISM Regional Thun has started. Qual summary:
VM 1, Hurtig 1, VM 2, Hurtig 2, VM 3, Hurtig 3

November 15th:
Norwegian results from Mil. World Ch.ship in Doha, Qatar, here:
Live results here: http://results.sius.com/Championships.aspx
October 31 st: Training camp at Terningmoen/Hamar, results here:

October 10 th:
Results from CISM regional Thun, published.

September 9 th: Results from Mil. Nordic Championship, Terningmoen Norway, published.

August 26 th: Norwegian results from CISM regional in Boden published.
Results from Qual. for CISM in Qatar, published.

July 1 st: Mil. qualification at Terningmoen finished. Results here:
Center Fire 1, Rapid Fire 1, Center Fire 2, Rapid Fire 2, Qual. List

May 27 th: Training camp at Terningmoen with test matches:
Mil. Rapid Fire, Center Fire/Sport, Mil. Rapid Fire

May 2 nd:
Training camp at Terningmoen finished. Some unusual competitions was arranged:
60 shots 10-seconds, 60 shots 8-seconds, 60 shots 6-seconds, Mixed-program.

February 23rd:
Results from Testmatch in Center Fire, 19th of February, at Ankerskogen Hamar, published.

Oktober 8th: Norwegian results from Mil. World Games in Mungyeung,  South-Korea here:
Live results here: http://results.sius.com/Championships.aspx

FSU Rifle



If you want to look at shooters results, here is a translation from Norwegian to English regarding events names:
Fri = Freepistol
Fri B = Freepistol 25m on Colt-target
Hurtig Grov = Mil. Rapid Fire cal. 32
Hurtig Fin = Mil. Rapid Fire cal. 22
Luft 40 = Airpistol 40 shots
Luft 60 = Airpistol 60 shots
Silh = Olympic Rapid Fire
Std = Standardpistol
VM Fin = Sportpistol
VM Grov = Center Fire Pistol
NAIS fin/grov = National program shot on 25 m rapid fire target
Luftsprint = National program, 30 shots in 15 minutes, shot on Airpistol Rapid Fire target